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Bus Branding for Tourism and Travel Business in Dubai

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Tourism and travel are quintessential in today’s world. Every day millions of travelers across the globe make trips – making tourism a lucrative mode for doing and promoting businesses. And it is no exception in Dubai. A busy regional hub – famously known as a tourist paradise – coming year-round across the globe. Between January and May 2023, a staggering 7.39 million people visited Dubai.

Statistics of international tourists in dubai

While, in 2022, 14.36 million tourists visited Dubai. According to Travel Medium, Dubai is the fourth most visited city in the world after Bangkok, Paris and London.

Dubai is the Number One Travel Destination

In addition, the recent launch of new travel trends such as staycations and tourism-encouraging initiatives like remote-working visas and golden visas has added to Dubai’s growing popularity. In 2023, Dubai was ranked as the number one destination in the Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards.

Tourism Business in Dubai

Dubai is a popular tourist destination, and the tourism industry is a major contributor to the Dubai economy. In 2022, Dubai received over 16 million tourists, making it the 7th most visited city in the world.

The tourism industry in Dubai is supported by a wide range of businesses, including hotels, restaurants, attractions, and transportation companies.

Dubai Tourism Bus

Dubai is a popular tourist destination, and buses are a major mode of transportation for tourists. This makes bus branding a great way for businesses to reach tourists and promote their brands.

Bus Branding

Bus branding is a type of outdoor advertising that involves wrapping the exterior of a bus with a custom design. You can use bus branding to promote products, services, brands, or events.

Benefits of Bus Branding

Bus branding has a number of benefits, including:

  • High visibility: Buses are a highly visible form of transportation, and bus branding can help businesses to reach a large audience of potential customers.
  • Brand awareness: Bus branding can help businesses to create a strong and memorable brand image in the minds of consumers.
  • Targeted marketing: Bus branding can be targeted to specific demographics and geographies, which can help businesses to reach their ideal customers.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Bus branding is a relatively cost-effective way to reach a large audience.

Why Bus Branding is Suitable for the Tourism Business in Dubai?

This huge number of tourists move around mostly by public transport. Not surprisingly, after the metro and tram, buses are the most preferred mode of public transportation in Dubai. The bus network in Dubai covers 87% of the urban area and has an astonishing 1,518 buses.

The city has an excellent network of bus connections with 79 bus lines and 1860 stops. Most of the buses stop at the tourist attractions in the city. The public network system in Dubai is quite wide-ranging and well-connected.

Managed by the government-maintained RTA (Roads and Traffic Authority), it joins the key locations of the city and is a reasonable and handy mode of transportation that is vastly relied upon by residents and tourists alike – for commuting on a daily basis.

Printajo Bus Branding Services

In addition, buses in Dubai are very clean, modern and always air-conditioned.

Regarding the number of people using buses in Dubai, RTA reports showed that in 2022, Dubai’s public transport ridership has boosted by 35% in 2022 – amounted to 621.4 million riders – imitating a shift towards using integrated transportation in the metropolitan.

Mattar Al Tayer, Director General and chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of RTA, said, “It is a good indicator of people in Dubai shifting to public transport modes that serve a growing number of riders.”

Bus Branding for Travelling Agencies in Dubai

For businesses who want to build their brand visibility – branding buses is a great way in Dubai to increase their brand visibility among tourists and travel-loving people. It also dramatically increases acceptance and trust as tourists. Branding the bus builds up a personality and voice for your travel company. And you can let travelers know how you are special from the contest, and better connect your unique value to the world – where staying relevant is a tough job.

By expertly wrapping travel and tourist buses – businesses can communicate with potential local and global clients as around 15,000 people visit the city daily as tourists.

On average, a bus takes 11.30 minutes to travel 10 KM on Dubai road. It is estimated that on average a vehicle gets 30,000 impressions in a day.

So, by covering the buses with an eye-catching and standard design with the right words and punch line, a company can do branding effectively to attract people physically. Interestingly, physical branding creates more impressions on the human mind.

In addition, it is a huge and cost-effective way to create a huge impact on millions of potential customers every day.

Whether you’re a brand, seeking a novel advertising avenue, an artist eager to bring your creations to the streets, or a professional branding agency with a mission to communicate with the masses, can meet your unique needs.

Printajo recognizes bus wraps’ enormous potential. We specialize in connecting the power of these transformative vinyl applications to turn buses into impactful tools for advertising, storytelling, and visual communication.

Bus Wrapping

Bus wraps drive business growth by maximizing visibility. Transforming buses into moving billboards, they reach a broad audience, enhancing brand awareness and credibility. Engaging potential customers, bus wraps leave a lasting impression, attracting new clients and boosting sales. Cost-effective and impactful, they’re a smart investment for any business.

Types of Bus Wraps

There are two main types of bus wraps:

  • Partial bus wraps: Partial bus wraps cover only a portion of the bus, such as the sides or the back.
  • Full bus wraps: Full bus wraps cover the entire exterior of the bus.

Choosing the Right Bus Wrap

When choosing a bus wrap, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • The type of bus: There are different types of buses available, such as school buses, charter buses, and tour buses. Choose a bus wrap that is appropriate for the type of bus you will be using.
  • The size of the bus: Buses come in different sizes, so make sure to choose a bus wrap that is the right size for the bus you will be using.
  • The design of the bus wrap: The design of the bus wrap should be eye-catching and informative. It should also be consistent with your brand identity.
  • The installation of the bus wrap: It is important to have the bus wrap installed by a professional. This will ensure that the bus wrap is installed correctly and looks its best.

Bus Wrap Preferences

Partial bus wraps: Partial bus wraps strike an equilibrium between delicacy and impact, allowing precise design elements to blend with the bus’s original aesthetics seamlessly. For branding, this method combines identity assertion with a sophisticated touch.

Full bus wraps: Full bus wraps characterize a comprehensive involvement in the branding area. By wrapping the entire bus exterior in a unified design, advertisers can grab the urban landscape and transform it into a moving billboard, ensuring their message is impossible to overlook.

Printajo’s bus wrapping process, from start to finish:

Concept: We sit one-on-one with our customers and come up with a plan for the wrap. This involves discussing the design, colors, and other key elements.

Creative design: Next a designer is then allocated to work with the customer to create an ultimate design. The designer will integrate the client’s branding and marketing messages into the wrap to create a consistent and effective design.

Vinyl printed: When the design is confirmed, the vinyl is printed on a big format printing machine. The graphics are watchfully trimmed and prepared for installation.

Installation: Printajo’s experienced team of installers watchfully applies the wrap to the bus, ensuring a perfect and professional finish.


Bus wraps for the tourism and travel business has tremendous prospect – as Dubai remains to evolve as an inclusive business and cultural hub, thus bus wrapping will drive businesses toward unmatched success in the coming days. By wrapping bus – you can harness the power of these creative vinyl applications to turn buses into effective tools for advertising, storytelling, and visual communication.

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