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How Do I Put a Logo on My Car in Dubai?

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In Dubai, where passion for personalization meets vibrant expression, putting your logo on your car isn’t just a cosmetic upgrade, it’s a statement. It’s your rolling billboard, your mobile canvas, your declaration of individuality or brand presence. But how exactly do you put a logo on your car in Dubai?

Firstly, familiarize yourself with the local regulations regarding car branding in Dubai. Ensure compliance with any specific guidelines to avoid any hiccups. But before you unleash your creative colors, let’s navigate the road rules of logo application in this dynamic city.

Necessary Permission

Your journey begins with securing the necessary permissions. This involves two crucial steps:

  • CID Permission (AED 120): Obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Dubai Police Traffic Department (CID). You can submit an online application through the Dubai Police website, ensuring your chosen color complies with regulations and doesn’t offend local sensibilities.
  • RTA Permission (AED 250 for single door, AED 500 for double door): Head to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) website and apply for a vehicle branding permit. Remember, this fee covers the application, and approval usually takes a few days.

With both permissions in hand, you’re ready to unleash your color-changing adventure!

How To Put A Logo On Car In Dubai

Crafting a captivating logo on your car in Dubai involves a meticulous journey. You have to ensure a connection between your creativity and the practicalities of logo application.

Partial Vehicle Branding in dubai by Printajo

1. Aligning Creativity With Regulations

Before creating your car’s logo, it’s essential to follow the rules in Dubai. Make sure your logo is not mean or disrespectful, and check where you can put it by looking at the guidelines from RTA. Knowing the right size is also crucial to avoid problems later.

2. Strategic Logo Placement

Decide where to put your logo carefully. Good spots are the driver’s side door or the back window. It’s important to choose a place that people can see easily and won’t cause any trouble.

3. Choosing the Perfect Canvas

Now, think about what kind of material you want for your logo. Full vinyl wraps are durable and let you be very creative. If you’re on a budget, you can explore partial wraps, which cover only part of the car.

4. Options for Single and Double Door Impact

If you have a small logo or just one word, putting it on the driver’s side is a good idea. It makes your car stand out and shows off your style. If you want to go big, covering both doors can make your logo the star. You can also add your brand name or a catchy phrase.

5. Beyond the Doors: Exploring Possibilities

Your logo doesn’t have to stay on the doors. You can put it on the hood, trunk, or fenders. Each place gives a different look – it’s like turning your car into a canvas. Pick a spot that matches your logo’s style and size.

6. Selecting Your Perfect Partner

Choosing the right company to put your logo on your car is crucial. Find one that is licensed, has experience, and good reviews from other customers. Don’t forget to compare prices and what people say about their work to have a smooth experience.

7. Maintaining the Spotlight

Once your logo is on, keep it looking great with regular car washes and waxes. This helps your logo shine and last longer. If you ever want a change, try magnetic decals. They’re easy to remove, giving your car a new and exciting look. Now, armed with these details, you’re set to make your car a standout masterpiece in Dubai!


Putting a logo on your car in Dubai is more than just decoration, it’s an extension of your personality and brand. So, choose wisely, explore creatively, and let your car become a canvas for your unique story. With the right approach, you’ll be cruising the streets with confidence, your logo proudly proclaiming: “This is me, and this is my Dubai.”

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