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RTA Guidelines for Vehicle Branding

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If you’re considering branding your vehicle in the Dubai, it’s essential to understand and know the guidelines set by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

According to RTA Law No. (14) of 2010, no vehicle can have branding or advertisement without obtaining prior approval from the RTA. Violations of RTA regulations on vehicle branding may result in fines of up to 5,000 AED. These guidelines ensure that vehicle branding is carried out in a safe, regulated, and visually appealing manner. To ensure compliance, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the RTA Guidelines and regulations.

RTA Guidelines for Vehicle Branding

The RTA Guidelines for Vehicle Branding in the Dubai provide specific requirements for advertisement design, permitted materials, and colors, as well as the process for obtaining RTA permission.  

1. Language Requirement:

When you create ads for your vehicle, you need to use Arabic and English. This is important because Dubai has people who speak different languages, and using these two makes sure more people can understand the message. Also, by having at least half of the ad in Arabic, it shows respect for the local language and culture.

2. Avoidance of Religious Symbols:

You don’t include any religious symbols or words in your ads to be respectful and considerate of everyone’s beliefs. This helps you avoid accidentally making anyone feel uncomfortable and shows that you appreciate the different religions people follow in Dubai. You want your designs to include everyone and not focus on any particular religion.

3. Maintain Public Morality:

You make sure that the pictures you use in your vehicle ads are appropriate and follow what everyone in Dubai considers right and polite. This rule is important because it shows that you care about the values and standards that people believe in. By following this, you avoid putting up anything that could make people feel uncomfortable or upset.

4. Restriction on 3D Images:

When making ads for vehicles, it’s important not to use 3D images. This rule is in place to make sure the pictures on the moving cars are clear and easy to understand. Using 3D images might make things look confusing or strange. Following this guideline helps keep the designs simple and clear, making it easier for people to see and understand the messages.

5. No Smoking Endorsement:

In the ads you put on vehicles, it’s important not to show anything that encourages smoking. This rule supports the idea of promoting good health and positive messages. Following this guideline means that the messages on vehicles will be helpful and positive, aligning with what is good for people’s health. RTA plays a role in shaping how people think through the messages shown on vehicles.

6. No Display of Flags:

When you’re putting ads on vehicles, it’s important not to show flags of any country. This rule helps keep things neutral and not connected to any specific country. It’s about making sure the designs on vehicles are for everyone, no matter where they’re from.

7. Avoid Real People Images:

When creating ads for vehicles, it’s not allowed to use pictures of real people. It’s important to follow this guideline to be fair and considerate to everyone, making sure that the ads don’t use real people.

8. Color Coordination:

Picking the right colors for vehicle ads is important. This guideline helps in creating designs that are not only nice to look at but also avoid using colors that might send the wrong messages. It’s about making sure the colors used don’t support certain causes or go against cultural values, keeping everything in balance and looking good.

9. Design Guidelines:

The last group of rules is all about how to make the ads look good. Making sure the design is evenly spread out helps it look nice and not lopsided. Putting pictures in the right places, like avoiding the top of the vehicle, makes the design look balanced. Not putting ads on the windshield helps the driver see the road better, keeping things safe. And allowing only up to five images on each side of the vehicle keeps the message clear without too much going on. It’s like a recipe for making sure the ads look great and work well.

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Document Checklist for RTA Vehicle Advertisement Permit in Dubai

Securing an RTA vehicle advertisement permit in Dubai involves a systematic submission of documents. You have to submit those documents to get the approval. If you miss any of them, you will not get the approval.

  • Copy of the trade license issued in Dubai.
  • Ad design featuring the vehicle’s four sides along with a mock-up.
  • Request letter addressed to the RTA, delineating the nature of the intended activity.
  • Obtain Dubai Police (CID) approval if intending to alter the vehicle’s color for advertising purposes.
  • You will be charge 850 AUE fines if you don’t have the Police verification approval.
  • For real estate advertisements, furnish a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Dubai Land Department (DLD).

Fees for RTA Approval

The service fee breakdown for RTA Approval varies based on the type of vehicle and the areas of the vehicle used for advertising. There are different types of vehicle advertising permits, each with its corresponding fees.

Advertising fees on commercial and advertising vehicles

OrderTypeCategoryDurationFees (*)
1Commercial vehicles: logo and commercial name on the front doors without the windowsAll categoriesAnnually250 AED
2Commercial vehicles: a complete wrap excluding the windowsLight vehicle or bus up to 16 passengersAnnually1,000 AED
  Cooler truck, pick up, pick up with trunkAnnually1,500 AED
  Bus for 26 passengersAnnually1,500 AED
  Heavy busAnnually2,500 AED
  Light mechanical equipmentAnnually1,500 AED
  Heavy mechanical equipmentAnnually2,500 AED
3Commercial vehicles: a partial wrap excluding the windowsLight vehicle or bus up to 16 passengersAnnually500 AED
  Cooler truck, pick up, pick up with trunkAnnually1,000 AED
  Bus for 26 passengersAnnually1,000 AED
  Heavy busAnnually1,500 AED
  Light mechanical equipmentAnnually1,000 AED
  Heavy mechanical equipmentAnnually1,500 AED
4MotorcyclesPersonal advertisementAnnually250 AED
5Squad bikesAdvertisement for othersWeekly500 AED
6Advertising companiesMobile vehicleLocomotive and trailerAnnually50,000 AED
7Advertising on a special status vehicleMock up special status like mobile vehicles for selling and providing special servicesWeekly2,500 AED
8Advertising on a vehicle for an eventLight vehicleWeekly2,500 AED
  • All fees mentioned are in UAE Dirhams (AED).
  • Duration of RTA Approval Validity is 1 Year.
  • These fees are as of the last update on 31-Aug-2023, and it’s advisable to check with RTA for any changes or updates.

How to Apply for an RTA Permit in Dubai

In Dubai, if you want to put ads on vehicles, you need to follow some rules set by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). The good news is that getting permission is made easy and quick, taking only about 10 minutes.


Let’s go through the steps to help you understand how to get RTA approval for putting ads on vehicles in Dubai.

  1. To start the process, go to the RTA Dubai website. This is where you’ll find all the information and services related to vehicle advertising permits.
  2. If you already have an account, log in using your username and password. If not, you’ll need to sign up and create an account.
  3. Once you’re logged in, look for the ‘Advertising on Vehicles’ service. This is the service you’ll need to select to apply for the advertising permit.
  4. Now comes the paperwork. You’ll need to upload soft copies of the necessary documents. These could include things like your trade license and the design of your ad.
  5. After uploading the documents, submit your application. This is where you officially ask for permission to put ads on your vehicle.
  6. After submitting, you’ll receive a transaction number. This number will be sent to you through email and SMS. Keep it safe; you might need it later.
  7. The RTA has a special team that will look at your application. They’ll check if everything is in order and follows the rules.
  8. You’ll get a message, either through SMS or email, letting you know if your application is approved or rejected. If it’s approved, you’re one step closer!
  9. If you got the green light, it’s time to pay the required fees. You can do this online or visit RTA Customer Happiness Centres in Al Barsha and Umm Ramool.
  10. Once you’ve paid the fees, print out your RTA vehicle advertising permit. This is your official permission to showcase ads on your vehicle.

[Keep in mind that the information provided is based on the details available as of August 31, 2023. It is advisable to check for any updates or changes directly from the RTA to ensure accurate and current information.]

Vehicle Eligibility for RTA Approval

In the process of securing RTA approval for vehicle branding, there are some eligibility criteria for RTA Approval. 

  1. Exclusive to Commercial Vehicles: RTA approval for vehicle branding is specifically designed for commercial vehicles. It’s crucial to note that personal cars are not eligible for this purpose. If you’re looking to promote a business or service through vehicle branding, ensure it’s a commercial vehicle.
  2. Trade License Requirement: A fundamental requirement for RTA approval is the possession of a valid trade license. Your business must have a legitimate license to engage in advertising through vehicle branding.
  3. Company Name Registration: The vehicle seeking approval for branding must be officially registered under the company’s name. The RTA mandates that the registered owner matches the entity whose branding will be prominently featured on the vehicle.
  4. Leased Vehicles Consideration: Leased vehicles can indeed qualify for RTA approval for branding. But, there’s a vital condition – if you’re using a rented vehicle for advertising purposes, you must obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the leasing company. This NOC serves as official approval from the car leasing company for the intended branding.

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Following the RTA Guidelines for vehicle branding in the Dubai is crucial for safe and effective branding practices while ensuring compliance with local laws. Non-compliance with these guidelines can have a detrimental impact on road safety and the integrity of the transportation infrastructure. By understanding the guidelines, businesses and individuals involved in vehicle branding can benefit from a positive reputation, minimized risks of accidents or fines, and a stronger presence in the market. It is important to prioritize safety and compliance in vehicle branding to contribute to a safer road environment for all road users in the Dubai.

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