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How to Get Your RTA Advertisement Permit in Dubai (2024 Guide)

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If you’re considering branding your vehicle in the Dubai, it’s essential to understand and know the guidelines set by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

According to RTA Law No. (14) of 2010, no vehicle can have branding or advertisement without obtaining prior approval from the RTA. Violations of RTA regulations on vehicle branding may result in fines of up to 5,000 AED. These guidelines ensure that vehicle branding is carried out in a safe, regulated, and visually appealing manner. To ensure compliance, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the RTA Guidelines and regulations.

RTA Guidelines for Vehicle Branding

The RTA Guidelines for Vehicle Branding in the Dubai provide specific requirements for advertisement design, permitted materials, and colors, as well as the process for obtaining RTA permission.  

Content Requirements:

  • Content Clarity : Over 50% of your graphics content must be in Arabic for clear communication. [Arabic language for vehicle branding Dubai]
  • Accuracy Matters : Ensure the Arabic name displayed matches your vehicle name and license plate for accuracy.
  • Trade License Alignment: Your advertisement should only promote activities listed in your official trade license.
  • Visually Balanced Design: Avoid overwhelming any single side of the vehicle with excessive graphics or text. Maintain a clean and balanced look. [Vehicle wrap design Dubai]
  • Image Limits : You can use up to 4-5 images on a single side, but ensure proper spacing to avoid clutter.

Prohibited Content:

  • Smoking Imagery: No depictions of smoking in any form (cigarettes, cigars, pipes) are allowed.
  • National Flags: Displaying flags of any country is strictly prohibited.
  • Religious Symbols: Religious slogans or symbols are generally not permitted. The only exception might be non-profit religious organizations.
  • QR Codes & Human Images: QR codes and human images are also not allowed on vehicle branding in Dubai.

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Document Checklist for RTA Vehicle Branding Permit in Dubai

Securing an RTA vehicle advertisement permit in Dubai involves a systematic submission of documents. You have to submit those documents to get the approval. If you miss any of them, you will not get the approval.

  • Copy of the trade license issued in Dubai.
  • Ad design featuring the vehicle’s four sides along with a mock-up.
  • Request letter addressed to the RTA, delineating the nature of the intended activity.
  • Obtain Dubai Police (CID) approval if intending to alter the vehicle’s color for advertising purposes.
  • You will be charge 850 AUE fines if you don’t have the Police verification approval.
  • For real estate advertisements, furnish a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Dubai Land Department (DLD).

RTA Fees for Vehicle Advertisement Permit

The service fee breakdown for RTA vehicle branding permit approval varies based on the type of vehicle and the areas of the vehicle used for advertising. There are different types of vehicle advertising permits, each with its corresponding fees.

Advertising fees on commercial and advertising vehicles

OrderTypeCategoryDurationFees (*)
1Commercial vehicles: logo and commercial name on the front doors without the windowsAll categoriesAnnually250 AED
2Commercial vehicles: a complete wrap excluding the windowsLight vehicle or bus up to 16 passengersAnnually1,000 AED
  Cooler truck, pick up, pick up with truckAnnually1,500 AED
  Bus for 26 passengersAnnually1,500 AED
  Heavy busAnnually2,500 AED
  Light mechanical equipmentAnnually1,500 AED
  Heavy mechanical equipmentAnnually2,500 AED
3Commercial vehicles: a partial wrap excluding the windowsLight vehicle or bus up to 16 passengersAnnually500 AED
  Cooler truck, pick up, pick up with trunk.Annually1,000 AED
  Bus for 26 passengersAnnually1,000 AED
  Heavy busAnnually1,500 AED
  Light mechanical equipmentAnnually1,000 AED
  Heavy mechanical equipmentAnnually1,500 AED
4MotorcyclesPersonal advertisementAnnually250 AED
5Squad bikesAdvertisement for othersWeekly500 AED
6Advertising companiesMobile vehicle Locomotive and trailerAnnually50,000 AED
7Advertising on a special status vehicleMock up special status like mobile vehicles for selling and providing special servicesWeekly2,500 AED
8Advertising on a vehicle for an eventLight vehicleWeekly2,500 AED
  • All fees mentioned are in UAE Dirhams (AED).
  • Duration of RTA Approval Validity is 1 Year.
  • These fees are as of the last update on 31-Aug-2023, and it’s advisable to check with RTA for any changes or updates.

How to Apply for an RTA Permit in Dubai

In Dubai, if you want to put ads on vehicles, you need to follow some rules set by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). The good news is that getting permission is made easy and quick, taking only about 10 minutes.


Let’s go through the steps to help you understand how to get RTA approval for putting ads on vehicles in Dubai.

  1. To start the process, go to the RTA Dubai website. This is where you’ll find all the information and services related to vehicle advertising permits.
  2. If you already have an account, log in using your username and password. If not, you’ll need to sign up and create an account.
  3. Once you’re logged in, look for the ‘Advertising on Vehicles’ service. This is the service you’ll need to select to apply for the advertising permit.
  4. Now comes the paperwork. You’ll need to upload soft copies of the necessary documents. These could include things like your trade license and the design of your ad.
  5. After uploading the documents, submit your application. This is where you officially ask for permission to put ads on your vehicle.
  6. After submitting, you’ll receive a transaction number. This number will be sent to you through email and SMS. Keep it safe; you might need it later.
  7. The RTA has a special team that will look at your application. They’ll check if everything is in order and follows the rules.
  8. You’ll get a message, either through SMS or email, letting you know if your application is approved or rejected. If it’s approved, you’re one step closer!
  9. If you got the green light, it’s time to pay the required fees. You can do this online or visit RTA Customer Happiness Centres in Al Barsha and Umm Ramool.
  10. Once you’ve paid the fees, print out your RTA vehicle advertising permit. This is your official permission to showcase ads on your vehicle.

[Keep in mind that the information provided is based on the details available as of August 31, 2023. It is advisable to check for any updates or changes directly from the RTA to ensure accurate and current information.]

Vehicle Eligibility for RTA Advertisement Permit

Obtaining RTA approval for vehicle branding in Dubai requires your vehicle to meet specific criteria:

  • Commercial Use Only: RTA approval is solely for commercial vehicles. Personal cars are not eligible for branded advertising. (Keywords: Dubai car wrap commercial use, Dubai RTA approval personal car)
  • Valid Trade License: Your business must hold a valid trade license to legally advertise through vehicle branding. (Keywords: Dubai vehicle branding trade license requirement)
  • Company Registration Match: The vehicle must be registered under the company name that will be displayed prominently on the branding. (Keywords: Dubai RTA vehicle branding company name)
  • Leased Vehicle NOC: Leased vehicles can be branded with written permission (NOC) from the leasing company. 

Following the RTA Guidelines for vehicle branding in the Dubai is crucial for safe and effective branding practices while ensuring compliance with local laws. Non-compliance with these guidelines can have a detrimental impact on road safety and the integrity of the transportation infrastructure. By understanding the guidelines, businesses and individuals involved in vehicle branding can benefit from a positive reputation, minimized risks of accidents or fines, and a stronger presence in the market. It is important to prioritize safety and compliance in vehicle branding to contribute to a safer road environment for all road users in the Dubai.

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