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Is it Allowed to Put Sticker on Cars in Dubai?

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If you are a car owner in Dubai and are considering adding stickers to your vehicle, you may be wondering whether it is allowed to put stickers on your car in Dubai?

The answer is yes, you can put car stickers in Dubai but with some restrictions. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has specific guidelines regarding where stickers can be placed on vehicles.

Specific Regulations for Car Stickers in Dubai

If you’re planning to put stickers on your car in Dubai, there are specific regulations you need to follow.The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai has a set of guidelines that determine what stickers are permissible and what stickers are prohibited.

Putting stickers on your car is a common way to personalize it, but you should be aware of the rules around this practice. You are allowed to put stickers on your car as long as they do not obstruct your view while driving or contain any offensive or inappropriate content.

Allowed Car Stickers Type in Dubai

Only certain types of car stickers are allowed in Dubai. Here are the types of stickers that are allowed on cars in Dubai:

  • Branding and Advertising: Branding and advertising stickers are allowed on cars in Dubai but you need to get approval from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) before putting any advertising stickers on your car.
  • National Flags and Emblems: You are allowed to display the national flag and emblem of the UAE on your car. However, it should not cover more than 25% of the vehicle’s body area.
  • Customized Decals: You can also put customized decals on your car, as long as they are not offensive or contain any obscene content. These decals can be in the form of your name, your favorite sports team, or any other design that you like.
  • Tourist Attraction Stickers: Stickers that promote tourist attractions in Dubai are allowed as long as they do not contain any offensive or obscene content.
  • Charity Stickers: Stickers that promote charity organizations and events are allowed.

Prohibited Car Stickers in Dubai

There are certain types of stickers that are strictly prohibited in Dubai. These include:

  • Offensive and Obscene Content: Stickers that contain offensive or obscene content are strictly prohibited in Dubai. This includes stickers that contain dirty words, nudity, or any other content that is deemed inappropriate by the authorities.
  • Political and Religious Content: Political or religious stickers are also not allowed on cars in Dubai. The UAE is a Muslim country and any display of religious or political beliefs is considered inappropriate.
  • Distractive or Obstructive Stickers: Stickers that are obviously distractive or that could obstruct the views of the driver are also prohibited in Dubai. This is because of the risks that such stickers could cause on the road.
  • Stickers that Cover More than 25% of the Vehicle: Stickers that cover more than 25% of the vehicle’s body area are not allowed.
  • Logos or Images on Number Plates: Putting logos, stickers, or images on the number plates of your car is also illegal in Dubai. This is because it can make it difficult for the authorities to read the number plate,

It is important to note that violating the regulations for car stickers in Dubai can result in fines and penalties. Therefore, it is best to follow the rules and regulations set by the authorities to avoid any legal issues.

Penalties for Non-Compliance In UAE

If you are caught with prohibited car stickers in Dubai, you can face fines ranging from AED 500 to AED 50,000, depending on the severity of the violation. In addition to fines, your vehicle may also be impounded, and you may have to pay additional fees to retrieve it.

It’s important to note that the Dubai Police are very strict when it comes to enforcing these rules, so it’s best to avoid putting any stickers on your car that may be deemed inappropriate.

It’s OK to put stickers on your car in Dubai as long as they comply with the rules and regulations set by the authorities. It is important to note that any modifications made to your car must be done in accordance with the laws and regulations of Dubai. Failure to comply with these rules may result in fines or even impounding of your vehicle.

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